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After many positive remarks and suggestions from our customers to feature our packaging, here is word about the box.. 
Yes, we think the the first impression matters! After all, it is a box that makes a gift and it is also a box that makes a surprise. But our packaging is not just about appearances. Our boxes speak to our concept of ecology and timelessness. Produced from birch wood in Monza, Italy, they are built to last past their purpose of delivering our objects to you. They can be reused and collected- which we believe is the truest concept of ecology. 
Our box design resembles a combination of wood packaging of significance that inspired it. The type of boxes that were always kept around, surrounding us for years and bringing back memories..the sliding top from a childhood table game case, the burnished branding on the side from a crates of notable wine. Transparent "identity card" on the bottom discloses key facts about the product inside and the material that it is made of. We disclose all we know about our product, so you can form your own unbiased opinion.
Let us know how you reused it, send us a picture to

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