At the beginning is a material, with its unique properties and behavior to be studied and to be inspired by in. For this reason we categorize our products by base material categories without limits on subject. “La materia prima”, the base material often referenced in Italian cooking, is essential to the success and quality of any notable meal. Just like a good chef would hand pick his ingredients, we choose the highest quality materials and true experts available to materialize our ideas. Food is essential to life, so is beauty... and the need to create.
I met Hermes for the first time for lunch in Milan. He was obsessing over a reproduction of a stone tube with a brass and felt top, used by an old electrical company for their vintage internal air mail system. Immersion in arts and design was my personal trajectory and the story of my family for generations. Shared passion for unique and well made started our project “with material”- Conmateria.

Thanks to our producers for their persistence, life long dedication and curiosity to keep exploring. Without them, our ideas would never develop to their full potential.

Thanks to our customers, patrons of the unique, for their support and appreciation of our ideas.

Yours sincerely,


Conmateria founders:
Petra Langerova and Hermes Bruzzese



Conmateria LLC
592 Madison Street
Brooklyn, Ny 11221





We invite our customers to contact us with any kind of inquiry, suggestion or feedback before or after purchase. We will do what we can to make Conmateria experience a beautiful one.






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